Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Titanium Hammer

Article number: 06-05-01
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While the thought of a lightweight hammer may seem preposterous to some, Abbey Bike Tools shows that the idea might be less than insane, perhaps even slightly genius. Abbey's inspiration, and their main clientele, is the traveling race mechanic -  a unique breed with some very specific needs. These hired wrenches travel with as complete a tool set as possible; tools that are lightweight and/or compact can lighten the load while creating space for another tool that may have otherwise been left behind. And while a lightweight titanium hammer may have limited use compared to its steel-and-wood balpeen cousin, modern carbon bicycles and their components don't tend to require much brute force. 

At 235 grams, the 12" Team Issue Titanium Hammer is about half the weight of a ballpeen hammer of similar size, yet its size and weight are optimized for common bicycle repair tasks such as press-fit bearing removal. The soft rubberized side is replaceable with commonly available 1" threaded faces. A durable custom ESI grip ensures comfortable and secure use, while the shaft and head are elegantly bead blasted with a laser-etched logo.


Material Titanium
Weight 265g
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