Ashima Rite Toolz Spoke Wrench

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With an incredibly diverse portfolio of components and tools designed for real world cyclists everywhere, Ashima is the go-to for many pro-level mechanics, as well as home shop enthusiasts. Like many of their other tools, the Ashima Rite Toolz Spoke Wrench is a simple, no frills option designed to fit multiple sizes of spoke nipples, without needing multiple wrenches in different sizes. Featuring wrench sizes common to most square nipple designs, including DT/Wheelsmith, most Euro sizes, most Asian sizes, and special oversized, the Ashima Rite Toolz Spoke Wrench is the ideal option to keep in your saddle bag on group rides, or next to the truing stand in the shop.


Material Steel


Supported Nipple Sizes

3.2  3.23mm (DT/Wheelsmith)

3.3  3.30mm (Most Euro)

3.5  3.45mm (Most Asian)

4.0  3.96mm (Special Oversized)



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