BERG Rathberg Carbon MTB Rim

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Berg's rims are specifically designed for cross-country and marathon racing.  As a result of 4 years of designing and engineering, Berg has created the world's lightest rims for cross-country and marathon racing, boasting an internal width of either 30 or 30.6mm.  There are three versions available, weighing in at 290, 270, and 250g!

These rims feature a patented design and utilize epoxy instead of paint for environmental reasons.  Additionally, they have received approval from the EFBE testing facility in Germany, confirming their compliance with the ASTM Classification Level 3 standards.

Berg's rims are asymmetric to achieve a more parallel triangular shape for the spokes on each side of the rim.  This design balances the spoke lengths and tensions, resulting in a stronger and more reliable wheel.

Furthermore, the spoke holes on these rims are angled to match the angle of the spokes.  This reduces stress at the spoke head, significantly reducing the chances of spoke breakage.


Rim 30.6 mm 30 mm
Hole Count 28 hole
Bead Type Hookless
Tire Type Tubeless Ready
Rim Profile Asymmetric
Weight ~250g. ~290g.
Rider Weight 90kg 100kg
Tubeless Tape Width 31 mm
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