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Enve's MOG Gravel Frameset, an in depth look.

Enve's MOG Gravel Frameset, an in depth look.

Enve's newest frameset aimed squarely at the exploding gravel racing and bike packing scene has finally been released upon the masses.

What is a MOG? According to Enve a MOG is a noun, verb, acronym, and unequivocally a state of mind for those
who push the boundaries of distance and rolling exploration.

We were lucky enough to receive Enve's new MOG frameset before launch and had the chance to go over it with a fine tooth comb.

Enve Melee with Gravel Tires

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Enve Melee with Gravel Tires

To some people bicycles are just a form of transportation and the bike is just a tool, something to be locked up outside while at work or when running errands.

Other's want a machine built specifically for racing. Something low and long, with the stiffest and lightest components possible, where every gram counts and speed is everything.

Somewhere a few steps back from pure race machine, where expert craftmanship and art you can ride meets, is where this Enve Melee falls.