Box Pinion Single Speed Cog

Article number: 10-04-06
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The Pinion single speed cog from BOX Components is a lightweight cog option available in a range of sizes to perfectly dial in your gear ratio. Crafted from either 7075 aluminum alloy for increased weight savings, or chromoly alloy for durability. The Pinion cog is a great way to convert your MTB to single speed while keeping cost and weight down. Compatible with any Shimano freehub body, the Pinion cog from BOX Components is a hassle-free upgrade that takes moments to install, making it a no-brainer upgrade for your next build.


Material  7075 Aluminum, Chromoly Steel

Chain Compatibility  3/32''

Hub Compatibility  Shimano Type Freehub Bodies

Weight Steel  24-50g

Weight Alloy  8-18g

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