Campagnolo Il Cavatappi BIG Corkscrew

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Campagnolo, a legend in the realm of bicycle component manufacturers, have long produced their oversized "Il Cavatappi" (that's Italian for corkscrew) for connoisseurs of cycling and fine wine. This may be the perfect gift for the cyclist who otherwise has everything. The current edition is little changed from the first, a design engineered in 1966 by the company's namesake and founder, Tullio Campagnolo.

As a tireless inventor and tinkerer, Tullio possessed a gift for imagining and implementing improvements to existing designs. While the original wing-style corkscrew had been in use for the better part of a century, Tullio became frustrated one day with its difficult, inefficient use and set out on perfecting the design, patenting his own self-centering high precision cork extractor.

This sizeable device owes its superior functionality to Campagnolo's quality construction and the ample leverage it provides on stubborn corks. The corkscrew mounts to the wine bottle via a sprung telescoping bell, designed to fit a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes. A sharpened stainless steel worm screw easily captures the cork plug, and the long symmetric wings are then pulled down to fully extract the complete cork.

Il Cavatappi is available in either Satin silver or Bronze finished, and arrives packaged in an elegant gift box with helpful use instructions.

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