Cane Creek eeNut Expander and Top Cap


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Cane Creek's eeNut is a combination expander and top cap, two intricate and beautifully engineered components. The deeply sculpted top cap pairs perfectly with the heavily recessed expander plug. With only four individual parts, the expander appears fairly rudimentary, but the genius behind it is noteworthy. Paired together, the two components of the eeNut become one of the lightest options on the market, with a combined weight less than 10 grams.

The eeNut's expander is intended for use with steer tubes with an inside diameter of 22.8mm to 25mm.


Top Cap & Bolt Weight 4.2g
Expander Weight 5.3g
Steer Tube Compatibility 1-1/8" (22.8 mm - 25 mm I.D.)
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