Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing Carbon Road Chainring

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The X-Ring from Carbon-Ti is an exquisite example of their design expertise in motion. Featuring a carbon fiber inner ring, bonded to a 7075 T6 aluminum tooth pattern, the X-Ring is a unique way to drop grams on your next build, while simultaneously adding a touch of high-end class. By reducing weight from your drivetrain, the amount of energy required for a revolution of the crank is decreased, therefore optimizing pedal stroke and increasing power. Additionally equipped with special carbon fiber shift ramps, the Carbon-Ti X-Ring is designed to shift well under pressure, while remaining as lightweight as possible.


Drivetrain Compatibility 10 / 11 speed road
53 tooth ~85g
39 tooth ~35g
52 tooth ~78g
36 tooth ~32g
50 tooth ~73g
34 tooth ~27g
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