Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP 6-bolt Front Disc Hub

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As an offshoot of exotic materials manufacturer LLS Titanium, Italy based Carbon-Ti draws from decades of material science and design experience to bring the cycling community an array of quality components. Since 2005, Carbon-Ti has produced uniquely handsome parts that make no compromises in either weight or performance.

The Straight Pull X-Hub from Carbon-Ti is unquestionably an excellent example of their design and machining prowess. Featuring an ingenious tool-free bearing preload adjustment system, the X-Hub can be adjusted to perfection in seconds by simply turning the clever knurled cone. Expertly machined from 7075 T-6 aluminum, the X-Hub is both lightweight and robust, two huge necessities for gram conscious riders who often find themselves pushing their components to the limits. Seamlessly paired with the X-Hub Rear Disc Hub, each hub from Carbon-Ti is an ideal way to add a dash of exotic Italian flair while simultaneously ensuring the longevity of your next wheelset.


Material 7075 T6 Aluminum
Brake Rotor Compatibility 6-bolt ISO
Axle Outer Diameter 17mm
Bearing Sizes 6803 (2)
Weight 92g
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