Carbon-Ti X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2

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The semi-floating X-Rotor from Carbon-Ti is perhaps one of the most beautifully exotic rotors we have ever seen. By using a unique blend of carbon fiber, titanium, and steel, the X-Rotor is able to seamlessly blend weight savings and aesthetics into one utilitarian package. Compatible with any pad, the stainless steel braking surface has been specially designed to extend pad wear life, while guaranteeing optimum braking power and heat management. By utilizing titanium rivets, as well as a carbon fiber carrier, Carbon-Ti is able to shave as many grams as possible, while still making a structurally sound semi floating rotor capable of withstanding the abuse of mountain trails.

The Carbon-Ti X-Rotor is proudly made in Italy.


Carrier Carbon Fiber
Rivets Titanium
Rotor Stainless Steel
Pad Compatibility Organic, Metallic
140 mm 67g
160 mm 78g
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