ControlTech Formidable Road Handlebar

Article number: 007-02-06
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Until recently, complex handlebar designs were restricted to higher end offerings where expensive carbon fiber composites can be molded almost at will into non-traditional or experimental shapes. Thankfully, the era of hydroformed aluminum has arrived, greatly reducing the cost of bicycle components such as ControlTech's radical Formidable aluminum handlebar.

To call the Formidable's design eccentric may be an understatement. The lines of this handlebar constantly curve and twist, the result both visually striking and subtly genius. Here, there are no lack of comfortable hand positions; from the wide, raised upper wing-shaped tops, to the palm flats at the forward bend. Progressive rounded curves ensure a smooth transition to the brake hoods, while anatomic-style drops provide two additional lower hand placements. Underneath the Formidable's wide top section are carbon fiber housing guides to keep cables in place if this section remains free of handlebar tape.

For a matching silver finish, we recommend pairing the Formidable Silver bar with ControlTech's silver Newton stem.


Weight (40 cm) 312g
Weight (42 cm) 315g
Weight (44 cm) 318g
Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Clamp Area Width 60 mm
Reach 80 mm
Drop 150 mm
Material 6066 aluminum
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