ControlTech Module Carbon Saddle

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With an extensive repertoire of quality components designed for nearly every category of cycling, ControlTech displays their engineering prowess clearly, with special attention being paid to aesthetics. The Module saddle is an excellent example of such craftsmanship and attention to detail. By expertly blending carbon fiber and leather into a single handsome package, ControlTech shows the world that aesthetics and comfort can, and should be just as important as performance. In order to achieve ideal ride characteristics, each Module saddle is equipped with a high density foam to relieve pressure during long miles on the bike. Additionally, ControlTech has incorporated a proprietary carbon leaf-spring design into the back end of the saddle, resulting in increased comfort and road vibration dampening. In an effort to achieve maximum weight savings, the Module’s rails are constructed of 100% carbon fiber, resulting in a respectably light build that offers the comfortable benefits of much heavier options.


Weight 165g
Material Carbon/Leather
Width 110mm
Length 270mm


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