ControlTech Race Light Skewers

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The Race Lite skewers from ControlTech combine their extensive knowledge of material science with years of manufacturing prowess in a unique, minimalist package. By utilizing a titanium rod, the Race Lite skewer set is inherently light weight, however what sets it apart from other “race day” skewers are the end caps. Machined from scandium, the end caps of the Race Lite skewers are incredibly light and feature a special design that does away with the traditional quick release cam. Designed to use either a 4 mm allen wrench or a special spanner provided with each set, the Race Lite Skewers are the ideal option for the gram conscious rider that’s looking for that minimalist aesthetic.


Due to each ControlTech skewer being produced with an extra long threaded rod, each skewer set is compatible with most common road AND mountain frames.


In order to ensure proper installation, it is highly recommended that each skewer be installed with some kind of ti grease, while simultaneously using a torque wrench. The ControlTech Race Lite end caps are rated for a maximum torque rating of 6 Nm, please be sure not to exceed this limit.


Weight 29g
Material Titanium, Scandium
Compatibility 130-135mm standards
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