ControlTech Race Skewers

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With the Race Skewers ControlTech has created a set of skewers that are light enough to be used on race day but also built solid enough for everyday use. Combining their expertise in material science and many years experience with exotic materials to produce an exceptionally gram conscious, minimalist design that fits well with any look. Taking advantage of the weight savings that titanium offers, ControlTech has shaved significant weight while maintaining strength and durability. The 7075 T6 aluminum end caps and stainless volute springs complete this already respectfully light package. Lacking the traditional lever found on most quick release skewers, these use a 5mm allen head to securely fasten the wheel in the dropouts. This allows the rider the confidence that once installed the wheel will remain tightly fastened even through the toughest of riding.




Due to each ControlTech skewer being produced with an extra long threaded rod, each skewer set is compatible with most common road AND mountain frames.




To ensure satisfaction over the lifetime of this product, it is highly recommended that the skewers be installed with grease or anti-seize and periodically checked for tightness.


Weight 48g
Material Titanium, Aluminum
Compatibility 130-135mm standards
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