ControlTech TiMania Titanium Stem

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What really sets the TiMania stem apart from lesser titanium stems is it’s unique method of construction. By utilizing cold forging, ControlTech is able to produce a seamless stem. This process provides much finer metallurgical control over each piece. Essentially, ControlTech is able to align the grain structure of the stem to suit ideal riding characteristics as well as strength and durability. Surprisingly, the TiMania stem proves to be as stiff as other well known alloy stems while still eating many road or trail vibrations. Perfect for the cyclist looking for the finishing touch on their next ti build, the TiMania stem comes complete with 6Al/4V titanium hardware as well as a handsomely minimalist ti faceplate.



It is highly recommended that your ControlTech TiMania Stem be installed by a competent mechanic using a torque wrench set to a maximum of 6 Nm. Be sure to properly clean the stem / handlebar interface, as well as use the appropriate titanium specific grease when installing the TiMania stem. For the ideal uniform aesthetic, couple your ControlTech TiMania stem with the TiMania road handlebar, mountain handlebar, seatpost, and headset spacers.


Material 6AL/4V Titanium
Bar Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Steerer Clamp Diameter 28.6 mm
Stack Height 40 mm
Max Torque 6 Nm
Angle +/- 5°
Length Weight
70 mm 101g
90 mm 116g
100 mm 124g
110 mm 132g
120 mm 142g
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