ControlTech Tux Carbon Seatpost

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The new Tux seatpost is a great deal for the weight. Other carbon posts in it's price range are often times weighing in 10-15 grams heavier. So if you're looking to save grams on your bike and bills in your wallet this is a post you should consider. For a good deal at a good weight ControlTech did not cut any corners on usefulness or adjust-ability. The two-bolt head offers quick and easy saddle installation and adjustment, with compatibility for standard round 7mm rails and most oval carbon rails. This post features a 10 mm offset to accommodate most common saddle positions. The matte black carbon post features height markings every half centimeter and a minimum insertion line for easy installation.


We recommend having your ControlTech TiMania seatpost installed by a competent mechanic using a properly calibrated torque wrench. It is imperative that all torque ratings for your seat collar and frame be followed while installing your ControlTech TiMania seatpost. For all carbon fiber seatposts we recommend using a anti-slip compound such as Park Tool's Supergrip Compound. This decreases the chance of the seatpost slipping under proper torque settings. We recommend a light coating of a quality bicycle grease, such as ProGold's EPX Grease, on the bolt threads before installation.


Material Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Hardware Stainless Steel
Max Head Torque 10 Nm
Rail Compatibility Round, Ovalized
Minimum Insertion 100 mm
Diameter, Length, Setback Weight
27.2, 350mm, 10mm Offset 200.7 g
27.2, 400mm, 0mm Offset 197.7 g
31.6, 350mm, 10mm Offset 207.7 g
31.6, 400mm, 0mm Offset 209.3 g
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