DT Swiss 350 Straight-Pull Road Rear Hub 28h Shimano

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The 350 is an excellent choice for the budget-minded cyclist. In order to keep prices low, DT Swiss has simplified their manufacturing by making these hubs available in limited spoke counts; these straight pull versions are only available in 24 front, 28 rear counts. While that may limit rim options somewhat, a 24/28 spoke wheelset will provide excellent durability and long life for a wide range of rider weights and riding conditions.

350 rear hubs are equipped with DT’s star ratchet freehub mechanism. This simple, yet extremely durable system has proved itself with well over a decade of use within the industry. The star ratchet system is 100% user-serviceable, requiring no special tools for cleaning and re-lubrication. Also, the freehubs are easily interchanged between Campagnolo and Shimano, with 100% compatibility between either manufacturers’ 10 and 11 speed cassettes.

The highly regarded reputation of DT Swiss hubs within the cycling market makes the purchase of a DT hub set a very safe investment indeed. The hubs are easily serviced and use common bearing sizes. All hubs are covered under a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and production.


Weight, Straight Pull 108 grams
264 grams
Bearing Sizes 6902 (2), 6802 (2)
Axle Diameter 15 mm
Available Hole Count 24, 28 hole
Recommended Use Road
Wheelbuilding Dimensions
Straight Pull Rear*
Left Flange Diameter 38.5 mm
Right Flange Diameter 45.5 mm
Center to Left Flange 33.3 mm
Center to Right Flange 15.8 mm
*Use only straight pull spokes, laced 3x
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