ENVE Aero Computer Combo Mount - Garmin / GoPro

Article number: 18-03-01
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Manufactured in the USA by K-Edge, this Garmin mount is designed specifically to fit Enve's SES Aero Road Stem. This mount uses a single bolt to attach to the Aero Stem's faceplate in a fixed slot to keep it rigid and secure. Integrated mounts such as these improve the aerodynamics of the bicycle's front end while eliminating the clutter of accessory mounts from the handlebars. As with all K-Edge computer mounts, this uses a co-polymer insert to minimize wear on the computer's mounting tabs, and is replaceable to allow compatibility with Wahoo and Sigma computers.

The Aero mount comes as a combo Garmin/camera mount now. The camera mount can be detached if you do not want to use both.


Weight Combo - 42g
Mount - 28.5
Compatibility All Garmin quarter turn computers
Wahoo computers
Sigma computers


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