ENVE CX Carbon Tubular Rim 28h

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For racers and riders looking to take advantage of the benefits of glue-on tubular tires (lighter tires and rims, lower rolling resistance/more supple tires, and the ability to safely run lower pressures to name a few), Enve introduces their CX Tubular rim.  Enve designed their CX tubular disc rim with cyclocross racers looking for the ultimate in lightness, stiffness, and durability in mind.  This disc specific carbon fiber rim has a tire bed that has been developed for use with 33mm tires and can withstand frequent tire installations and removals. This refined tire bed also reduces the instance of pinch flats. The Enve CX rim is 28mm wide and 31mm deep and is disc brake specific (it does not feature a brake track and cannot be used with rim brakes). Developing a rim for disc brake specific use enabled the engineering team to escape the design constraints of rim brake rims. This resulted in a substantially lighter and more compliant rim, without sacrificing strength or impact resistance. The Enve CX tubular rims come in a 28 hole count only, which maintains the optimal degree of stiffness and strength needed for the frequent accelerations and decelerations that define cyclocross racing.  Enve CX cyclocross tubular rims are manufactured in the USA and are sold individually.


Wheel Building

We recommend that wheels built with this rim be assembled by an experienced wheel builder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly.


Weight 285 grams
External Width 28 mm
Depth 31 mm
ERD 596 mm
Tire Compatibility 28" Tubular
Recommended Tire Width 33 mm
Material Carbon Fiber
Finish UD Matte
Brake Compatibility Disc Brake Only
Included Accessories Enve Internal Brass Spoke Nipples
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