Extralite Hyperstem Garmin Computer Mount CH-02

Article number: 11-01-02
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Looking for the perfect computer mount to accompany your HyperStem? Look no further. The CH-02 replaces the standard handlebar clamps of the HyperStem, with a complete new assembly that sports a rigid tralice to firmly hold your bike computer. It comes ready equipped with the adaptor-insert for Garmin bicycle devices and gives you all the necessary space needed to mount your computer onto your HyperStem. Removing just 2 bolts you can replace the supplied adaptor-insert with other popular models. The same 2 bolts standard is shared by several commonly available adaptor-inserts such as Wahoo, Blackbird, Bryton, Cateye, GoPro, iGSPORT, Omata, Polar, Sigma, etc. The CH-02 adds only 16.8grams to the total assembly and does not need any additonal part(s).


Compatibility All HyperStems
Fits Computers up to Garmin Edge 1030 size
Materials T700 carbon fiber tralice AL7075TXX clamps
Weight 23.3grams (adds 16.8 from stock clamps)
Angle Parallel to stem body
Optional GoPro mount
Finish Natural carbon
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