Extralite LeftyLite Carbon Steerer Assembly - 210mm

Article number: 11-03-05
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With their single-sided design, Cannondale Leftys have remained some of the most unique suspension forks on the market since their introduction in 2000.  One of the benefits of the Lefty forks has always been their weight savings over comparable forks from other manufacturers.  While the weights for the factory set-ups (fork/steerer-tube/stem) are low, the Cannondale steerer limits stem choice as the larger diameter factory steerer is designed for the oversized Cannondale OPI stems.  Extralite, known for their beautifully machined, and ultra-light parts, has innovated an aftermarket carbon steerer assembly that not only offers much more flexibility in stem choice (it accepts the most common 1 1/8” standard), but also opens up possibilities for significant weight savings.  At 98 grams (uncut), the LeftyLite already comes in about 12 grams lighter than the factory Lefty steerer (110 grams in size medium).  The real weight savings comes into play when you consider the vast number of lightweight 1 1/8” stems that are compatible with the LeftyLite. For example, the uncut Leftylite (98 grams) mated to a 100mm Extralite Hyperstem (80 grams) will total 178 grams while the Cannondale factory steerer and stem of the same length would come in about 320 grams.  This combination yields a weight savings of over 140 grams!  100% made in Italy from carbon and aluminum, the Extralite Leftylite offers both incredible flexibility in stem choice with the added benefit of additional weight savings.  The LeftyLite is compatible with Lefty 1.0, Lefty 2.0, and Lefty Supermax forks along with standard 1 1/8” stems.


Weight 98 grams(uncut)
Length 210 mm (can be shortened)
Stem Compatibility Standard 1 1/8"(28.6 mm) stems
Lefty Fork Compatibility Lefty 1.0, Lefty 2.0, Lefty Supermax
Material Carbon, Aluminum
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