Extralite UltraLever 3

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Extralite products feature some of the most exquisite machining available on bicycle components; the new “3” version of their UltraLevers is a prime example of this.  With the newest iteration of these linear pull levers, the 3D CNC machining has been taken to the next level.  These levers are undoubtedly, as Extralite states, “a piece of robotic art”.  Machined from 7075T aluminum, the already “skeletal” design of the previous generations still features 40 drilled holes per lever blade!  This brings the claimed weight down to an astonishing 46 grams per pair when we weighed them in-house.  While weight has been shaved, the lever redesign has also served to enhance ergonomics.  Whether braking with one or two fingers, these improved ergonomics, in addition to an improved trellis frame structure, will result in excellent modulation.  In addition, the lever blades are hard-anodized, which will leave them virtually wear free even when used in less than ideal conditions.  Incredibly smooth lever actuation is achieved using high-quality lightweight bushings and a hard-coated pivot.  Additional military-spec heat treatments are applied to all structural parts of these levers to improve fatigue strength and ensure long-lasting performance.

The Extralite HyperLevers3 are sold in pairs and feature an anodized black finish with white laser-etched graphics on the main body and a hard-anodized silver lever.  Both cable tension and lever position can be adjusted in order to fine tune these levers. The levers work with any linear pull cable actuated brakes.  They can be matched with the incredibly lightweight UltraBrake2 or any other linear pull disc or rim calipers (for other caliper suggestions or if you wanted to get your hands on Extralite's custom color options please contact us).


Weight ~46 grams/set
Material 7075Txx Aluminum
Construction 3D CNC
Brake Compatibility Cable Actuated Linear Pull Brakes
Shifter Compatibility Grip and Trigger shifters
Tuning Cable tension and lever positioning
Finishing Military spec heat treatment and hard anodizing
Graphics Laser etched
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