Far and Near Stem Faceplate Computer Mount

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Elevate your cycling experience with the Far and Near "On-Stem" style computer mount, offering one of the sleekest options available. This ingenious mount uses your existing stem hardware to create a clean and clutter-free Garmin computer mounting solution. It's compatible with 4-bolt M5 style stem face plates, where two of the stem bolts are swapped for the included 40mm M5 bolts and spacers. This positions the mount ahead of the stem face plate, eliminating clutter on top of the stem and handlebars.

In addition to a cleaner look, this design offers a preferred viewing angle for many riders, placing the computer ahead of the stem. The entire mount, along with the included hardware, weighs just 38 grams. The mount itself is made of delrin in the Garmin quarter-turn style, while the main carrier body is machined black anodized aluminum. Compatible with stems featuring a 4-bolt face plate and M5 bolts, the bolt spacing between the stem bolts to be replaced with the 40mm M5 bolts should be between 28-37mm.


Wahoo Adapter

For Wahoo computer users looking to achieve a similar setup, simply add the Wahoo Adapter to enjoy the benefits of this mount.


Weight ~38g
Computer Mount Garmin Quarter Turn
Compatibility Garmin twist lock (Wahoo with Adapter)
Mount Delrin Plastic
Body Machined Aluminum
Hardware Aluminum / Steel
Bolts M5 x 40 mm
Bolt Spacing 28 - 37 mm
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