Far and Near Top Cap Garmin Mount

Article number: 16-03-03
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Far and Near has answered the call for higher quality Garmin computer mounts.  Having already released both handlebar and stem face-plate Garmin mounting solutions, they have now added a third option that places the mount directly above the stem top cap.  This ingenious design features a replacement top cap that adds a bit of stand-off between the top of the stem and the Garmin head unit, ensuring easy, obstacle-free access to the mount.  Once this top-cap is installed, the mount is easily attached via two small bolts.  With this super-clean Garmin mounting solution, unsightly elastic bands and/or zip ties are eliminated, leaving your cockpit looking clutter-free.  In addition, this mount takes up zero bar space, allowing more room for lights, dropper remotes, etc, to be mounted on the bars.  The included replacement top cap is carefully machined from aluminum for weight savings, is anodized in black, and finished with subtle white logoing.  The mount itself, which attaches to the top cap via two small steel bolts, is machined from delrin for a perfect combination of strength and weight savings.

Available in two styles, one for carbon steerer tubes (which includes a compression plug designed for carbon steerers) and the other for alloy steerer tubes (which includes a standard 1 1/8” star nut), each kit also includes a top cap, a top cap bolt, the Garmin mount itself, as well as the two small mounting bolts used to attach the mount to the top cap.   While each kit contains either a compression plug or star nut, in many cases your current plug or star nut can be used should you desire to do so.  Please note that the stem in the pictures is for reference only, the stem is not included.  


Weight, Carbon Steerer 43 grams (weight will vary if you use your current compression plug, if applicable)
Weight, Alloy Steerer 27 grams (including star nut)
Computer Mount Garmin Quarter Turn
Material Body - machined aluminum
Bolt (top cap) - aluminum
Bolts (for mount) - chromium steel
Mount - delrin plastic
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