Far And Near Ultegra Di2 6770 Brake Hoods

Article number: 14-04-01
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The Far and Near brake hoods are the closest feeling to original brake hoods that we've felt here at Fair Wheel. The reason for this is that Far and Near takes a sample of the stock brake hood and reverse engineers the rubber compound for every manufacturer and model before beginning production. Aside from the feel the shape and fit to the levers themselves is superior to any aftermarket hood. Overall the differences will be subtle and all you should notice is a nice color change to better match your frame or kit.




Far and Near highly recommends removing your levers from your bars and installing the hoods from the back of the lever. This prevents the lever from cutting the hood as it's slid over the front of the lever.


We've found that using a mild soap solution helps lubricate during installation and dries tacky keeping the grip in place. Another good option is hairspray but this dries faster.

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