FSA Energy Wing Pro Alloy Compact Handlebar

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The light, stiff, and strong FSA Energy Compact alloy handlebars are a prime example of how far aluminum technology can be pushed.  A company known for its cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, FSA is able to form and manipulate high-strength 7075 aluminum to give the Energy Compact bars optimal properties and shaping.  The wall thickness of the aluminum tubing varies throughout; thicker walled only where reinforcement is necessary, with the remaining sections being thinner for weight savings.  The bar tops feature an ergonomic 34mm flattened section for maximum comfort through increased surface area as well as a generous center section with plenty of room for mounting accessories such as computer mounts and lights.  The shallow (125mm) drop and short reach (80mm) results in easier control-lever actuation without over-extension.  This allows riders to maintain hand position regardless of which lever or button they need to access, eliminating the sometimes awkward re-positioning needed on some standard drop bars.  Easier access to the controls means better control, and elimination of over-exaggerated hand positioning greatly improves comfort.  Another advantage of the compact bar shape is quicker transitions from the drops to the tops.  FSA also designed their compact bars to place the rider in a drop position that allows better airflow, thus improving breathing.  Cleverly, FSA sandblasted the sections of the bar that will be taped over which adds a slight texturing that helps keep the bar tape from slipping.  The center section of the bars are a handsome black polished anodizing with grey logos.  Available in 38cm, 40cm, can 42cm widths, the FSA Energy Compact Bars are versatile enough to cover everything from race day to all day rides.


Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Reach 80 mm
Drop 125 mm
Outward Bend 4 degrees
Material 7050 Aluminum, Double Butted
Finish Black Anodized
Internal routing compatible No
Lengths Weights
38 cm 268 grams
40 cm 277 grams
42cm 286 grams
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