FSA K-Wing Compact Carbon Handlebar

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This compact bar includes several particular features that set it apart from traditional drop bars.  The first and most noticeable is the raised flat top; with a slight back sweep, aerodynamic profile, and ergonomic design.  This raised portion offers a more relaxed position and provides ample space to rest your hands.  The bar tops also feature slight cut-out like shaping on either end, providing a nice perch for the palms when riding positioned at the widest part of the bar tops.  The compact drops allow easy and fast swapping from the bar tops to the drops.  In addition, the compact 125mm drop and 80mm reach allows riders to maintain hand position regardless of which lever or button they need to access, eliminating awkward re-positioning.  Enlarged internal cable routing slots allow easy routing of both brake and derailleur cables and also work with electronic shift systems.

Made from a unidirectional carbon fiber and kevlar composite mixture, the K-Wing offers stiffness, durability, and vibration damping.  All clamping zones of the bar are textured to ensure a slip-free interface.  


Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Reach 80 mm
Drop 125 mm
Back Sweep
Material UD Carbon Fiber, Kevlar
Finish Carbon Gloss
Length Weight
38 cm 231 grams
40 cm 237 grams
42 cm 248 grams
44 cm 254 grams
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