KCNC Grooving Titanium Road Skewers

Article number: 25-01-04
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The Grooving Road Skewer is KCNC's latest skewer. With little to improve on over the already light 42 gram Titanium Road Skewer, KCNC made one subtle change to shed another seven grams. Simply put, they machined four grooves into the axle giving it the cross section of a plus ( + ) sign. The other changes are simply for aesthetic purposes. The logos on the handle are now a gold color instead of silver and the axle rod itself has a gold tint.

The good thing about the Grooving skewer is that, unlike some improved and lightened products, this second version did away with none of the favored design features of KCNC's original skewer design. The ball and socket design is still smooth and both interfaces are both metal. This means that the skewer will have a significantly longer lifetime than something with a plastic cup.The handle is not a millimeter too long, very quick and efficient for a wheel change. We recommend occasionally lubricating the pivot and ball of the KCNC Grooving Skewers to alleviate any possible friction encountered during use


Weight 35 g
Cam Travel 1.73 mm
Lever Material 7075 Aluminum
Rod Material Machined 6/4 Titanium
Rod Length 158 mm rear, 124 mm front
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