KCNC Jockey Wheel System

Article number: 21-04-01
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Kcnc has finally taken the leap from producing their wildly popular derailleur pulleys to creating complete pulley wheel cages to increase the functionality and performance of some of the most popular road and mountain derailleurs. These cages are equipped with oversize Kcnc Ultra pulleys with super smooth, super durable stainless steel cartridge bearings. The benefit of larger pulleys is twofold: larger pulleys reduce drag in the drivetrain by reducing chain link articulation through the pulley cage and reducing rotation speed of the pulleys, and larger pulleys also increase the chain wrap capacity of the derailleur, allowing for use of wider gear ranges than drivetrain manufacturers normally recommend. 

More information on fit and drivetrain options coming soon! Please contact us directly if you have any questions.



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