Parts Of Passion Chainring Bolts


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Swiss machining specialist, Parts of Passion, precisely manufactures these road double chainring bolt sets in a dazzling array of anodized colors. Beyond their elegant appearance, these chainring fastener sets are intelligently designed, with torx wrench fittings on both the bolt and the nut. This small detail allows for easier installation and removal, while greatly reducing the possibility of stripping or otherwise damaging the tool socket.




A T30 and a T40 torx wrench are required for proper installtion of these chainring bolts. Prior to installation, grease or medium strength threadlocker should be applied to the bolt threads. Parts of Passion recommends that the bolt be tightened with a torque wrench to 8-10 Nm.


Weight 9.8 grams per set
Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Thread Width 8 mm
Bolt Thread Length 5.8 mm
Sleeve Length 7 mm
Bolt Head T30 torx
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