Pillar X-Tra Lite Titanium Straight-Pull Spokes

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Pillar's X-TRA Lite Ti spoke series challenges their lightweight rivals with a spoke that is nearly 50% lighter than a standard lightweight butted spoke, and at about a gram lighter per spoke than even the lightest stainless steel alternative. At a mere 2.6 grams each, these titanium spokes allow substantial weight savings on a complete wheelset, and are a great option for climbing-specific road wheelsets and cross-country mountain wheelsets alike. The X-TRA Lite Ti is manufactured from 13 gauge wire, rather than the thinner 14 or 15 gauge common in non-titanium spokes. This thicker gauge improves the overall strength, stiffness, and fatigue life to significantly enhance the performance of these titanium spokes to a level far beyond what has been previously accepted from this exotic material.

Pillar X-TRA Lite Ti spokes have an attractive black oxide finish and are available in either straight-pull or j-bend options. 

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