Praxis Wave 1X Direct Mount Chainring

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The new Wave format for Praxis Works single chainrings is akin to the Narrow-Wide style rings that have taken the industry by storm in recent years. Wave however offers some significant advantages that should be noted. Using alternating lateral force on each chain link Wave chainrings actively retain the chain, while still allowing space to shed accumulated mud and debris. There is also less friction when compared to traditional narrow wide rings when run at less than optimal chain lines. For riders running a single speed system this is of little concern, but with ever increasing drivetrain gear counts and the introduction of wider tires, chains and chainrings are being pushed to their limits. Available in a wide range of tooth counts these rings are designed to pair with the Praxis Works Cadet mountain crank but will install on any crank with the 3-Bolt SRAM style interface. There are two options available to dial in your ideal chainline, both DM-A and DM-B rings work on a Cadet crank, but when paired with another manufacturers crank care must be taken to avoid a sub optimal chainline.

Praxis now offers 38, 40, and 42 tooth count direct mount chainrings, designed for road-style direct mount cranksets (such as those from SRAM). 

Please select your chainring according to your crank and frame style. If you have questions please visit the Praxis Works website or contact us and we will assist you in selecting the optimal ring for your needs..


Material   7075 Hard Anodized Aluminum
Crank Compatibility   Praxis Direct Mount MTB Cranks
SRAM 3-Bolt Direct Mount
Chain Compatibility  

10, 11 and 12 Speed, KMC, Shimano

SRAM 42-50 are AXS compatible

Rear Derailleur Compatibility   Clutch Type Required
Shimano Shadow Plus
SRAM Type 2
28 T   54 grams
30 T   58 grams
32 T   63 grams
34 T   69 grams
36 T   76 grams
38 T   96 grams
40 T   99 grams
42 T   114 grams
44 T   151 grams
46 T   151 grams
48 T   166 grams
50 T   171 grams


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