Tune DC 135 Titanium Mountain Skewers

Article number: 32-05-02
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Tune has brought together aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber to create one of the lightest and prettiest quick release mountain skewers available. Using several clever and elegant design features, the DC 135 achieves an incredible weight of 36 grams. The skewer design consists of a minimal anodized aluminum end cap threaded onto a titanium axle, with a 7975 aluminum washer and 7075 series cam. An elegant and strong thin carbon lever is bonded to the cam mechanism. The different series aluminum is used to keep metal on metal wear to a minimum, creating a more durable product. Subtle details like these that elevate Tune's DC skewers to one of the finest offerings on the market.


Installation and Maintenance


Tune's skewer design operates the same as most other skewers, with a simple closure of the lever to secure the hub in the dropouts. However, the ball-and socket eccentric cam allows for the skewer tension to be modified once the lever is closed. Simply rotate the lever clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the clamping force. Tune impregnates the socket plate with molybdenum disulfide (i.e. graphite) to reduce friction in the cam. For this reason, the cam does not require lubrication, and should be kept clean and dry. The skewer threads should be occasionally lubricated with a light grease to prevent corrosion and allow for smooth adjustment.


Weight 36g per pair
Materials 6/4 Titanium, 7075 Aluminum, 7975 Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
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