Tune Skyracer Carbon Saddle

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Tune's immaculate Skyracer saddle represents the pinnacle of German carbon engineering. The unique design of this saddle was developed over a 5 year period under a 3.5 million Euro grant, and is precisely molded from a single piece of carbon fiber. With no adhesives or other manufacturing shortcuts, this means the saddle is not only extremely strong, but incredibly lightweight as well. Additionally, the special T-shaped rails are designed to fit in a standard 7mm round rail clamp, ensuring maximum compatibility with seatpost clamps and no need for special adapters.

With a large cutout and modestly flexible carbon shell, the Skyracer promises a modicum of comfort surprising in such a lightweight design.

The Skyracer saddle is 100% designed and manufactured in Germany.


Ordering and Installation


The Skyracer is restricted to riders under 200 lbs (90 kg). While it is compatible with standard 7mm rail clamp seatposts, the user should take care that the edges of these clamps are rounded or chamfered so as not to point-load the saddle's rails. While Tune approves this saddle in a wide range of use-cases, it is specifically not intended for hardtail mountain bikes and cyclocross race bikes due to the extra strain induced on the saddle in these disciplines.



Weight 69 grams
Effective Rail Length 75 mm
Width 130 mm
Length 230 mm
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