Alligator Turbo Cooling Disc Brake Pads

Article number: 06-02-05
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A great aftermarket brake pad choice for road hydraulic disc systems, the Alligator Turbo Cooling Pads offer finned cooling technology in a weight-conscious package. Alligator's turbine technology results in a 25-30% reduction in pad temperature; excess heat is dissipated through specially-shaped cooling aluminum fins.  Not only do these fins keep the system cooler, they are also manufactured from high-tech aluminum materials that result in up to a 40% weight reduction over traditional pads. 

Rigorously tested in difficult conditions, these pads are optimized for high performance racing, offering safety, stability, and precise control.  Currently offered for SRAM (fits Red 22, Force 22, Rival 22, and Level Ultimate) and Shimano (Fits Ultegra BR-RS505 and BR-RS805, each package contains one pair of pads and spring.


Compatible SRAM Calipers Red 22, Force 22, Rival 22, Level Ultimate
Compatible Shimano Calipers Ultegra BR-RS505 and BR-RS805
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