Group Rides


Fair Wheel Bikes is home to some of the top group rides in the country. Fast rides are held every Tuesday and Saturday mornings. In the spring and fall, both rides are regularly attended by some of the top professional riders from the US and around the world. Rides (times below) start on University of Arizona's west side at University Avenue and Euclid Avenue.


Tuesday Morning Fast Ride (TMFR)

This ride typically has a group between 10 and 40 riders and covers approximately 35 miles of rolling terrain with a steep climb at the finish. The pace is high and staying with the front group is extremely difficult, but there are always people to ride with if you end up off the back.


The Shootout

The shootout is the Saturday morning group ride. The ride has groups of about 20 riders in the summer and well over 100 riders in the winter and spring. The terrain is fast and rolling with two sprints and a gas station stop about halfway through. The total distance is just over 70 miles. If you're looking for extra miles and some real climbing, watch for the turnoff to Madera Canyon on Duval Mine Road. If you want to take in the same route at a slower pace, catch the "scootout" or "old man shootout" leaving from the same starting location 15 minutes before the fast ride.


  Starting 2nd Tuesday of November 7:30 AM  
  Starting 1st Tuesday of March 7:00 AM  
  Starting 1st Tuesday of April 6:30 AM  
  Starting 3rd Tuesday of April 6:00 AM  
  Starting 1st Tuesday of September 6:30 AM  
  Starting 2nd Tuesday of October 7:00 AM  
  Tuesday Ride Strava Map  
  Saturday Ride - (Shootout) Strava Map  


Sunday Women's Ride

Beginning on April 28th Natalie O'farrell will be leading a Sunday ride that will leave from the shop on the last Sunday of each month.


  January 7:00 am   July 28th 6:00 am  
  February 7:00 am   August 25th 6:00 am  
  March 7:00 am   September 29th 6:00 am  
  April 28th 7:00 am   October 27th 7:00 am  
  May 26th 7:00 am   November 24th 7:00 am  
  June 30th 7:00 am   December 29th 7:00 am  
  Sunday Women's Ride - Route  


For ride information, please call the retail shop at 520-884-9018.