Bjōrn Probka Saddle

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The Probka saddle combines the natural cushioning of cork with the strength and lightness of carbon fiber. The 8mm-thick cork pad deforms to support pressure points, providing comfort without sacrificing performance. With a channel in front for pressure relief, the 107 gram Probka fits between our all-carbon and 3D-printed saddles. Its impressive durability comes from a special compound protecting against moisture, UV, and more. The triangular carbon base and bonded rails ensure reliability under the 120kg max load. While made for most riding, the pad itself is vulnerable to hard impacts. Overall, the Probka gives an exceptionally lightweight, customized fit for endurance riding goals.


Material Shell Padding
  Carbon Cork
Weight ~107g
Length 250 mm
Rail to Saddle Top 30 - 35 mm
Saddle Rail 7 x 9 mm
Rider Weight Limit 120 kg (260 lbs)
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