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If you're like many people that regularly switch between carbon and aluminum specific brake pads, you may find that Cane Creek's eeBrake Pad Holders to be one of the best accessories you've ever purchased. The unique pad retention system allows the quick swapping of brake pads via a channel and notch system, resulting in pad changes that take less than 10 seconds. With the wheel removed you simply push the back of the pad outward and pull away. The new pad is simply slid in the groove of the pad holder and you're done. Safety concerns? Don't worry, under braking the pad is completely secure with no chance of movement. The pad can only be removed by the method described above.

At 12.5 grams per pair, eeBrake Pad Holders are some of the lightest brake pad holders available anywhere. These are aftermarket pad holders designed for use on Shimano-style calipers, so they are compatible with most brake calipers on the market.

Cane Creek eeBrake Pad Holders are sold as a complete set of four to fit two brake calipers.


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