Extralite UltraPulley Set

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The latest iteration of Extralite's specialty replacement derailleur pulleys get a performance upgrade, new options to fit more derailleurs, and a new name: the UltraPulley. Each pulley is equipped with a pair of side-by-side hybrid ceramic bearings, which are custom-designed with low-drag seals for the lowest possible friction. Ceramic bearings such as these are shown to perform well at high revolutions, and pulley wheels are by far the fastest spinning bicycle component. The body of each pulley is machined from self-lubricating durable plastic polymer to help keep drivetrains quiet and efficient. As a significant derailleur upgrade, Extralite UltraPulleys are lighter and more attractive than the manufacturer's stock options.

These pulley sets are designed in 5 iterations to fit all common modern derailleurs. The "PH" options feature phased profiles, with alternating wide and narrow teeth to improve chain retention on Sram's X-Horizon type 1x drivetrain derailleurs.





11 - 11 10 g

SRAM Road/Mountain - Shimano Road/Mountain  - Campagnolo

12 - 12 12 g


13 - 13 14 g 

 Shimano Mountain 

12 - 12 (PH) 13 g

 SRAM Road AXS -SRAM Mountain 11spd 

phased narrow/wide teeth
12 - 14 (PH) 14 g

 SRAM Mountain AXS -SRAM Mountain 12spd 

phased narrow/wide teeth - 12t upper pulley / 14t lower pulley







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