KCNC SRAM Derailleur Cable Pulley

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SRAM derailleurs feature a rotating cable pulley wheel that acts as a radius for the section of rear shift cable between the derailleur cable stop and pinch bolt.  SRAM's factory cable pulley wheels are manufactured from plastic and are prone to damage and wear.  In addition, the higher cable tension of modern 11 and 12 speed drivetrains can result in small parts wearing much faster; plastic parts that act as cable guides often develop grooves as a result of cable friction, which can complicate derailleur adjustment. KCNC has designed an aftermarket replacement option for SRAM's factory cable pulley wheels, compatible with X01, XX1, X01 Eagle, and XX1 Eagle derailleurs. Instead of plastic, KCNC's cable pulley wheel is manufactured from lightweight 7075 aluminum, giving it increased durability while still weighing only 3.5 grams.  Finished in anodized black (with white logos), this pulley wheel provides a slicker, more friction-free surface for the cable to route over.  Please feel free to contact us with any fitment questions.  


Weight 3.5 grams
Compatibility SRAM X01, XX1, X01 Eagle, and XX1 Eagle Derailleurs
Material Lightweight 7075 Aluminum
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