KCNC Titanium Cables

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 Titanium Brake and Shifter Cables


KCNC's Titanium cables are a no hassle lightweight alternative to standard steel cables at less than half the weight. Being titanium they can be treated the same as steel cables, no need for special clamping methods and you can clamp and re clamp. The KCNC Titanium cables are also Teflon coated using a nano technology that resists clumping and wear that most Teflon coated cables see.


Package Contents


Each set comes with two gold Nano Teflon coated titanium cables.


Mountain / Road Brake Cables


KCNC's Titanium Brake cables are compatible with either road or mountain brakes. The cable itself has a sphere on one end which fits into either a mountain or road style alloy adapter. When installing, place a small amount of grease either on the sphere or in the adaptor to prevent any creaking during braking.



Derailleur Cables


The derailleur cable set installation is the same as a standard steel cable set.


Weight 15 g (Der.)
18 g (Brake)
Material Titanium
Coating Gold Nano Teflon
Diameter 1.1mm (Der.)
1.5mm (Brake)
Length 2100mm (Der.)
1700mm (Brake)
Cable Weight Comparison
Weights are for sets of Brake & Derailleur cables combined.
KCNC Titanium 33 g
Aican DLC 75g
KCNC Teflon 77 g
Steel 73g
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