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Saw Guide

The Saw Guide is a unique fork cutting guide with a U-shaped design that allows you to slide the guide around a steer tube instead of over it, it can also be used in a vice. By allowing the guide to rotate around a steer tube it makes cutting a fork with cables running through the steer tube easier. The Saw Guide is two sided, one side for standard toothed metal cutting blades and the opposite side is wider for abrasive blades used to cut composites.

Works with 1" and 1-1/8"(1.125") forks, will not work with 1-1/4"(1.25").


Lever Setter

The Lever Setter is to be used in conjunction with the Abbey Bike Tools HAG to help set brake and shift levers by compensating for the many different handlebar bends associated with most road and mountain handlebars these days. It can be used with most other Hanger Alignment tools, but why?

To use the Lever Setter, remove your top cap and screw the tool into your star nut or expansion plug, M6 x 1 thread, most expansion plugs will work. It's recommended you use a headset spacer between the stem and setter to create a sturdy base to compensate for any inequalities in cut on the fork.

Requires a star nut or compression plug with a M6x1 thread.

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