ENVE Carbon Road Rim Brake Fork

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Enve Composites' full carbon road forks are positively striking in appearance, albeit in a subtle, matte-black sort of way. However, looking beyond that which is immediately discernible reveals some interesting details. Primarily, the fork is seamless; not because it is well-finished, but because it is well-manufactured. Unlike many other popular carbon forks, Enve forks are molded in one complete piece – no co-molding, bonding, cutting, or post-mold drilling and cutting. The result of this simplified construction process is a component that is stronger with less redundant material and a lower finished weight.

These 2.0 series forks allow the best possible performance at a reasonable price point, with EN Certification for an incredible 350 pound weight limit. With three configurations to cover existing and emergent headset designs (and another four rake choices for the straight-steerer option), it’s no wonder that the 2.0 remains a popular choice for consumers and frame builders alike. Each Enve fork purchase includes a high quality aluminum expander plug and Enve-branded carbon top cap.



Specific knowledge and specialized tools are required to correctly size and install a carbon fork. For these reasons, we highly recommend that these services be performed by an experienced and competent mechanic.


Weight, Uncut 370 grams
Wheel Size 700c
Maximum Tire Clearance 28c
Steerer Tube Length 350 mm
Steerer Tube Diameter 1-1/8"
Crown Race Diameter 1-1/8" or 1-1/4"
Rake 43 mm
Axle to Crown 367 mm
Finish Unidirectional Carbon
Total Load Limit 350 pounds
Maximum Spacer Stack 40 mm
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