Ashima Centerlock Adapter

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Ashima’s Centerlock adapters allow the use of standard ISO six bolt rotors to be used on Shimano and DT-Swiss centerlock specific hubs. The Centra-XL will work with oversized axles better while the Centra-Lite weighs less for standard quick release hubs.

With fewer brands manufacturing centerlock rotors, this converter opens riders up to a wider, more exotic variety of six bolt rotors. Per wheel, each converter weights a mere 23 grams, the primary carrier of which is steel, while other parts are aluminum.




First, sandwich the rotor between the adapter's splined inner plate and the outer pegged plate, then attach the assembly to the hub. Once fitted to the hub's centerlock mount either a Shimano cassette lockring tool (for Centra-Lite) or a Shimano bottom bracket tool (for Centra-XL) is required to properly tighten the threaded lockring. Tighten the lockring to 40 Nm.



Steel Carrier, Aluminum Plate, Pins



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