Porte VASA Carbon Seatpost

Article number: 004-02-03
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The VASA seatpost is a lightweight and reliable option for cross country bikes, designed with a focus on aesthetics and saddle bridge reliability. It weighs 105 grams, features carbon clamps and titanium bolts, and comes in a 31.6mm diameter with length options of 350mm, 400mm, or 450mm. It aims to offer a trustworthy and visually appealing alternative to traditional solid seatposts.


  350 mm 400 mm 450 mm
Weight ~99g ~105g ~111g
Diameter 31.6 mm
Minimum Insertion 100 mm / 150 mm
Rail Compatibility 7mm Round / 7 x 9mm Oval
Post Material Carbon fiber
Hardware Titanium Bolts
Max Rail Clamp Torque 8 Nm
Max rider weight 100 kg (220 lbs.)
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