Bjōrn Glagol Carbon Seatpost

Article number: 07-05-06
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Built for speed and comfort on roads and trails, the Glagol carbon seatpost delivers exceptional performance. Its lightweight design reduces weight while the wide clamp area lessens saddle stress for secure fastening. With easy tightening screws that flip for convenience, the Glagol allows quick adjustments while riding. Suitable for saddles with and without cutouts, this seatpost offers versions with and without setback to optimize fit. Bjōrn carefully engineers each length with a tailored layup scheme, maximizing strength and minimizing weight.


Diameter 27.2 mm 30.9 mm 31.6 mm
Offset 0 / 20 mm 20 mm 0 / 20 mm
Weight ~98g ~116g ~135g
Minimum Insertion 70 mm
Max Insertion 130 - 200 mm
Saddle Rail 7 x 7 mm / 7 x 9 mm / 7 x 10 mm
Rider Weight Limit 120 kg (260 lbs.)
Material Seatpost Hardware
  Carbon Gr5 Titanium PVC coated
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