Bjōrn Setka Saddle

Article number: 07-05-06
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Engineered for performance, the Setka saddle sets a new benchmark in lightweight design and all-day comfort. Its 3D-printed flexible pad, made in the USA using advanced Digital Light Synthesis technology, eliminates pressure points for smooth riding across varied terrain. The carbon fiber shell and rails insert into reinforced slots for reliability without added weight. At just 131 grams, Setka shaves every possible gram while providing exceptional comfort on rides of any distance or intensity. The softer front pad cushions soft tissues when riding aggressively, while the firmer rear pad ensures support climbing hills. For the lightest, most comfortable performance saddle available, the Setka delivers.


Material Shell Padding
  Carbon 3D Printed
Weight ~131g
Length 250 mm
Rail to Saddle Top 30 - 35 mm
Saddle Rail 7 x 9 mm
Rider Weight Limit 120 kg (260 lbs)
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