Cane Creek 110 Lower Headset Assembly

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Experience the precision of the Cane Creek 110 Headset, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Outperforming with double shielded bearings and a unique double lip seal on the crown race, it excels in durability. The External Cup version features a machined slot with an o-ring for added resilience. Opt for longevity, user-friendly maintenance, and easy part replacement – the ideal choice for rugged rides.

For headset inquiries, reach out to us or consult Cane Creek's S.H.I.S. guide for guidance on the ideal headset for your needs.


Headset Weight SHIS Stack Bearings
IS 47/33 ~35.5g Integrated 47mm / 33mm Crown Race 1mm Black Oxide 45 / 45°
EC 44/33 ~57g External Cup 44mm / 33mm Crown Race 12mm Black Oxide 45 / 45°
IS 52/40 ~34.5g Integrated 52mm / 40mm Crown Race 1mm Stainless 36 / 45°
EC 44/40 ~54.5g External Cup 44mm / 40mm Crown Race 12mm Stainless 36 / 45°
  EC44/33 Uses a 47mm bearing    
  EC44/40 Uses a 52mm bearing    
  EC49 Uses a 52mm bearing    
  IS41 Uses a 41mm bearing    
  IS52 Uses a 52mm bearing    
  ZS44 Uses a 41mm bearing    
  ZS56 Uses a 52mm bearing    
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