Cane Creek 110 Lower Headset Assembly

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Holding a Cane Creek 110 Headset lets you truly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into this premium version in Cane Creeks lineup. The machining is artful and only bested by the ultralight AER Headset, but the 110-Series has some unique features that greatly improve its lifespan. The double shielded bearings offer an improved lifespan in the harshest environments. The crown race has a double lip seal that seals against the inside of the frame/lower cup as well as the outer race of the bearing. For the External Cup version of the 110 Headset there is a slot machined into the inner face with an o-ring installed in it. Longevity combined with easy user serviceability, and readily available replacement parts make the 110 Headset a perfect choice for any build. If you ride in harsh environments and require your equipment to last, the Cane Creek 110 is the ideal choice.

If you have any questions about these headsets please contact us or check out Cane Creeks S.H.I.S. guide to determine the proper headset for your application.


Headset Weight SHIS Stack Bearings
IS 47/33 35.5g Integrated 47mm / 33mm Crown Race 1mm Black Oxide 45/45°
IS 52/40 34.5g Integrated 52mm / 40mm Crown Race 1mm Stainless 36/45°
EC 44/33 57g External Cup 44mm / 33mm Crown Race 12mm Black Oxide 45/45°
EC 44/40 54.5g External Cup 44mm / 40mm Crown Race 12mm Stainless 36/45°


EC44/33 Uses a 47mm bearing
EC44/40 Uses a 52mm bearing
EC49 Uses a 52mm bearing
IS41 Uses a 41mm bearing
IS52 Uses a 52mm bearing
ZS44 Uses a 41mm bearing
ZS56 Uses a 52mm bearing


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