Cane Creek Crank Preloader

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The Cane Creek Preload Assembly is the same assembly found on their eeWings titanium crankset, and will serve as an exact replacement for the assembly that ships with the crankset. However, this kit will also work as a replacement preload adjuster for other 30mm spindle cranks from manufacturers such as Race Face and Sram. This is a significant upgrade from the plastic Race Face and Sram adjusting rings; the lightweight 7075 construction is both more handsome and more durable than plastic adjusters and the Cane Creek pinch bolt has more precise tolerances and a deeper tool interface making adjustment trouble free. 

Whether it be a replacement for your eeWings preload assembly, or as an upgrade for a compatible 30mm crankset, the Cane Creek Crank Preloader makes an excellent choice for a lightweight preload solution that offers ultra-fine tuning.


Material 7075 Aluminum (Spacer Ring/ Thread Ring), Grade 5 Titanium (2.5mm Hex Bolt)
Compatibility Cane Creek, eeWings, 30mm cranks from RaceFace, Sram etc.
Weight 8g
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