Cane Creek Hellbender Replacement Bearing

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The Hellbender is a premium replacement bearing, designed as a retrofit upgrade and also available in Cane Creek's series of Slamset headsets. Like their namesake, the Hellbender Salamander, these bearings are designed to thrive in wet, muddy conditions where other bearings will quickly wear and fail. Even if you find yourself in gentler climates, the Hellbender is still an excellent choice for its reliability and long-term durability.

Where most headset bearings use a plastic or metal bearing retainer to allow for easier factory assembly and even spacing of the ball bearings, the Hellbender uses a full compliment (minus one) design for maximum bearing surface contact, combined with a specially-formulated waterproof grease and precision-machined bearing races. All of the headsets in Cane Creek's product line are designed with interchangeable parts, making these bearings cross-compatible with all their various headset lines.


Bearing Weight
41mm - 36/45° 19.4g
42mm - 36/45° 20.4g
52mm - 36/45° 29.0g


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